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LabVIEW Short Courses
LabVIEW 101 & LabVIEW 102

This short course will help the attendees obtain insight and hands-on experience with LabVIEW programming. Designed for new or novice users, this course shortens your initial learning curve, saving you time & money, and gives you a solid foundation for developing sophisticated applications for data acquisition & instrumentation or process control. Since the course is designed for beginners, the material will be covered from the basic concepts on the first day to the most advanced concepts at the end of the third day. Each day is scheduled to teach specific tasks. To further enhance the students learning experience and to give the attendees a head start on the first day after the class, the last day of the class is dedicated to building applications as related to the individual's specific needs.

Course Outline:

LabVIEW 101: Basics

Day 1:

Introduction to LabVIEW, Sources of information, Virtual Instrumentation, Wiring & Programming Basics, Controls, Indicators, & Constants, Enumerated constants & rings, Debugging, Preferences, Charting, Graphs, Attribute nodes

Day 2:

Do & While Loops, Shift Registers, For Loops, Arrays, & Clusters, Efficiency Issues, Priority Handling, Case Structures, Global & Local Variables

Day 3:

Sequence Structures, Formula Nodes, Creating a Sub-VI, Strings, File I/O, Customizing VI's, Customizing Controls, Introduction to Data Acquisition, 

LabVIEW 102: Advanced

Day 4:

Advanced Class: State Machines, Data Acquisition & Control, File I/O, Group Problem Definition

Day 5:

Advanced Class: More data acquisition, custom projects, Memory Management, Instrument Drivers Overview

Fee Includes:

Instruction, Manual


You can register via e-mail or by calling toll free 1-877-Durability. For registration by e-mail, please use the Request Info button. Durability accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express card. For security reasons, please call us with the number.


Classes are held from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day with an hour break for lunch and short breaks in the morning & afternoon.

Dates & Location:
  • Dates:  All of our classes are offered on-site based on a mutually agreed date & time.
  • Price:  LabVIEW 101:  $1,200/person [Academic $1,050]
  • Price:  LabVIEW 102:  $800/person [Academic $700]

Registration: Call us toll free: 1-877-Durability or 540-961-3483

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