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Tools Suite R1.0

Client:  White Oak Semicondutors

WhiteOakDemo.jpg (11901 bytes) Project Summary:

Since a detailed description of the project can not be discussed due to confidentiality agrements in place, a brief general discussion is presented.

Data collected from N number of instruments had to be stored and made available to engineers across the company.  The challenge was to provide a cost effective solution as well as a robust system that can handle the traffic as well as querries made regularly.

Durability Solution:  We realized from the beginning that the system has to take advantage of a web browser software since it is readily available at everyone's desktop.   Also to allow for a robust system capable of handling queries and information retrieval we selected Oracle 8.0 database with Web Server and Java Development Suite. [Figure 1]

javaview.jpg (9696 bytes)

Figure 1:  Web Access View for Reporting of Data & Graphs.

Understanding the overhead associated with web server software in addition to the data acquisition software [LabVIEW 5.01 of National Instruments was the data acquisition software] we chose two computer systems- DAQ system and Database System.

  1. DAQ:  An HP-Vectra 300 MhZ system equipped with an RS-232 multiplexer provided enough power to continously monitor all equipment.  Using Microsoft ODBC driver the DAQ computer continously (or based on a set interval as provided by operator).  This system was only connected to the Database computer through TCP/IP and was NOT connected to the corporate intranet.
  2. Database:  HP-Netserver II was with redundant power supplies and 19 GB hard drive equipped with Seagate Backup Exec was chosen for the Oracle 8.0 database.  This system was connected to the corporate intranet, while the DAQ system was only connected to this server via a second Ethernet card.  This network allowed for engineers to simply view the graphs/reports/ and status of all chambers using their web browsers.  The DAQ System was completely off the network, hence keeping it away from any traffic or requests that could possibly slow it down.ESPEC Environmenal Chamber
System Specs:
  • Data acquisition software:  LabVIEW
  • Database software: Oracle 8.0
  • Web Server:  Oracle 8.0 Web Server
  • Hardware:  HP- Vectra, HP-Netserver II

Additional Notes:

The Tools Suite R1.0 utilizes the driver software we developed for ESPEC Corporation thermal shock and environmental chambers.  These drivers are available for purchase through us or ESPEC Corporation.  Call us for detail:  877-Durability.


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