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DAS 8.0- Engine Performance Monitoring

Client:  Naval Air Warfare Center


Project Summary:
[Brief general summary is provided- Confidentiality agreements limits the specifics of the design] 

The challenge was to provide reading for over 400 sensors "as fast as possible".  Various environmental and logistics condictions forced us to use a computer system connected to a National Instruments SCXI system connected over a parallel port.The DAS system provided a robust, high performance solution.  Combined with the Phase II, visualization software developed in Visual Basic, the software allowed for full analysis and data collection.  The data acquisition system also provided data to a secure FTP server for allowing data access and downloading of information via internet by engineers and engine manufacturers nationwide.

System Specs:

  • Data Acquisition System:  LabVIEW
  • Hardware:  SCXI 1200, SCXI 1100, SCXI 1102
  • Computer:  Custom Designed Computer Systems.

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