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[MoRaR R1.0]Client:  KOA Speer Electronics

MoRaR Batch Information Screen

Project Summary:

MoRaR R1.0 was designed to assist KOA Speer Electronics to test and verify the quality of the manufactured resistors. Various batches of resistors are tested using an easy interface utilizing a Keithley 2010 multimeter.  The Keithley meter is controlled through GPIB allowing for the system administrator to save/change different settings while other operators only have control over using the system and not changing any system parameters.  The test results are saved in a Microsoft Access database.   All reporting and analysis is performed within MS-Access.MoRaR R1.0 Database - Data view interface 

System Specs:

  • DAQ Software:  LabVIEW
  • Other Software:  SQL Toolkit, MS-Access, HIQ
  • Other Hardware:  Keithley 2010 multimeter, GPIB Card.

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