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Boule Press Monitoring System

Client:  ITT Night Visions

ITT Night Vision- Boule Monitoring System

Project Summary:

Boule presses at ITT Night Vision operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   A system had to be developed to allow for continuous operation of all presses with no involvement from an operator.  All data had to be saved across the corporate network in a MS-Access database.  Utilizing LabVIEW with SQL Toolkit.  The system was designed and is currently controlling the presses.  The system's only input from the user is the entry of the sample numbers using barcode scanners.The system continously monitors all presses.  Once a press is turned on, the program prompts the user to scan the barcode from the sample and then monitoring starts and continues until the press is turned off.  Once the press is turned off, no more data is recorded and saved.

System Specs:

  • DAQ Hardware:  HP 34970 Data Acquisition/Switch Unit
  • Software:  LabVIEW, MS-Access, SQL Toolkit

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