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Portable High Speed Data Acquisistion System

Client:  ITT Night Vision

ITT Night Vision- Portable Data Acquisition system

Project Summary:

ITT Engineers needed a system for acquiring high speed data using a laptop.  Since their laptops had all PCMCIA slots occupied, we could not utilize the DAQ Card solutions.  The system had to have four temperature, and four voltage channels, while allowing for scaling parameters to be entered, triggering of events, as well as different acquisition speeds [10 s/S - 2000 s/S].  Additional requirements were to allow for selective viewing of channels, and in-situ statistics being calculated and presented upon request while data is being collected. ITT portable system - statistics pop up screen Some of these requirements created little challenges, but nothing that could not be solved.

System Specs:

  • DAQ Hardware:  National Instruments DAQPad-MIO-16XE-50
  • DAQ Software:  LabVIEW

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