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Tools Suite Interface System

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Features:  The Tools Interface is a universal Tools Driver Setup system that allows for selection and control of all tools that are setup in the database.  The system checks for integrity of the connection and all communication parameters.

The following ESPEC Environmental chamber controllers are available:ESPEC - ETS Controller Driver

  •  ETS - Air to Air Thermal Shock
  •  TSB - Liquid to liquid Thermal Shock
  •  EY-101 - Temperature and Humidity Chamber
  •  HAST - Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber

Each driver allows for all aspects of the control to be remotely controlled and monitored.

Manual:  The Datalogger manual can be downloaded and reviewed as an Adobe Acrobat file.

pdfdata1.gif (2435 bytes) ToolSuite Datalogger 1.2 Manual

Price:  The Tools Suite is priced at:

  • $895 - includes 1 I/O Port
  • $495-  each additional I/O Port

Custom Installation:  Durability provides on-site installation and support of the Tools Suite based on negotiated arrangements.

Other Features:  We have developed a full database connectivity and database systems for Internet/Intranet viewing of the status of all chambers, alarms, as well as graphs of each chamber temperature data using Oracle 8.0 database utilizing Oracle 8.0 Web Developers and Java Toolkits.  Call for pricing.


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