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Data versus Information- a new battleground in Automation

Today's laboratories and manufacturing companies are faced with massive amount of data.  As computers get faster, and storage prices drop, more and more data is being gathered and stored.  How much of the data that is gathered is being used?  or how much "information" is being extracted? ... not as much as it should be!

At Durability, we have concentrated our efforts on creating transparent "Knowledge-Based" data acquisition & Informating systems. Utilizing such software platforms as LabVIEW, RSView, RS-SQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server we have designed enterprise solutions allowing for a web-centric information systems where engineers across the plant can view and analyze data "real-time" utilizing their web browsers.

Our expertise lies in utilizing today's latest automation software and hardware combined with networking and computer systems to handle small to large scale systems.  Our partnerships with such companies as National Instruments, Keithley, Dell Computers, and 3-COM, to name a few, has enabled us to address our client's needs with quality turn-key systems and custom developed software.  We pride ourselves to be a "one-stop" center for purchasing, installation, and development of all aspects of the automation project- no matter what it takes!

Our custom developed software products are backed with life-time warranty against all bugs and problems.   Should any problem show up, no matter how long after the delivery- the software will be fixed at no additional cost.  The following should provide a feel for the type of work our company has done in the past.

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